What is life?

Since September i've been working on a project. I have neglected posting about it here because i wanted to really dig in and understand it myself before i felt ready to share or debate.

Basically I want to redefine what we consider to be alive as our reasons for excluding what most consider "inanimate objects" just doesn't make sense to me and I would argue don't make sense even according to our current ideas of what is alive. It also solves the question of when did life "arise" on the planet as its always been here, just in a way that is different than what we think of as life. The earth itself is alive, so instead of there being this almost mystical change over from "inanimate matter" into "life" we have simply an evolution from one form of life to another, molecules into single cell organisms. It makes a lot more sense science usually prefers the simpler explanation.

Anway i've done a lot of writing and a lot more thinking on the subject and most of it is posted on my blog which I welcome you to read, comment on and question with me.



So long since I have posted, sorry.

What does everyone think of seed AI versus other types of AI is what I am curious about, and what would you say are the main branches of thinking between types of AI coding structure?

Feel free to make your reply a new post instead of a comment/reply for the sake of pushing the information to people who are watching the community who could have opinions that will see it on their friends link. ;)
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Technological singularity discussions: futurism, Moore's Law, and machine learning

(Cross posted to tessier_ashpool and singularity_now.)

Recently I wrote a few commentaries on "singularity science" and the research on computer architecture and intelligent systems that attends it. Here are the links:

Comments are welcome!

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New Security/Privacy Forum

Hey everyone I just made a new Computer Security and Privacy Forum called noneofyourinfo, it is at http://noneofyour.info

(A play on keeping your information secure)

I haven't got many posts yet but would like to spread the word about it; it's one of my first forums.

I will soon add an Artificial Intelligence section and suggestions on section additions are welcome.
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AI and the game of Go

Some interesting news, Andrew Okun just reported:
MyungWan Kim, 8p, lost a 9-stone handicap game by 1.5 points to an 800-processor core European supercomputer running MoGo. {For those of you who don't know the ranking system, 8p means 8-Dan Black-Belt Pro, so one of the best in the world, and the 9-stone handy-cap given to the computer is a HUGE advantage, so I was hoping it would do better... but it did win... sort of...}

David Doshay, a California computer go researcher, said the win was significant not only in itself, but because the Monte Carlo method-based MoGo software showed strong evidence that its strength is dependent on the time and computing resources available to it, meaning it will get stronger over the years as computers get more powerful, without the need for additional coding.

1) For an earlier IEEE article on AI, Chess and the game of Go, see:
2) Andrew Okun will be joining the AGA Board of Directors in September.
AGA = American Go Assoc.
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