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AI and the game of Go

Some interesting news, Andrew Okun just reported:
MyungWan Kim, 8p, lost a 9-stone handicap game by 1.5 points to an 800-processor core European supercomputer running MoGo. {For those of you who don't know the ranking system, 8p means 8-Dan Black-Belt Pro, so one of the best in the world, and the 9-stone handy-cap given to the computer is a HUGE advantage, so I was hoping it would do better... but it did win... sort of...}

David Doshay, a California computer go researcher, said the win was significant not only in itself, but because the Monte Carlo method-based MoGo software showed strong evidence that its strength is dependent on the time and computing resources available to it, meaning it will get stronger over the years as computers get more powerful, without the need for additional coding.

1) For an earlier IEEE article on AI, Chess and the game of Go, see:
2) Andrew Okun will be joining the AGA Board of Directors in September.
AGA = American Go Assoc.
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