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Hello everyone. I'm a full-time AI researcher, mostly working on commercial AI at the moment, but aiming at AGI in the longer term. I've recently begun to put up some web-based demos of the tech I'm working on; not much there yet but hopefully they will be some really interesting stuff going up in the next few months. Anyway, glad to be here, hope to see some interesting posts.

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New version of djuzeppe online AI engine is ready. Now you can teach Natasha bot from main page.


Now bot know mostly russian, but you can teach her english language.

There are three inputboxes in teaching form. In first put keywords, in second - answers, in third - tegs/themes. Like in flickr you can assigne tegs/themes not to pictures, but to keywords and answers.

Divide keywords and tegs with one comma ",". Answers divide with two commas ",,".
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Freud Bot - from Vienna and Russia [with love]

Hello friends! We are training SMS-bots here in Russia and Vienna. We are looking for partners and collaborators... Below some sample of real dialogue with our FREUD BOT. You can sms him: +79226422022

Trainers: Magnus Wurzer, Vienna.
Sergey Teterin, Russia.

Unknown: hi
Freud Bot: hello, lie down and tell me what makes you crazy.
Unknown: well, all those thoughts - i don't know where to start
Freud Bot: Let's concentrate - when did you (honestly!) last wet your bed?
Unknown: 2 years ago
Freud Bot: Let's first have a closer look on your oedipal complex, though.
Unknown: and?
Freud Bot: That's actually good - we are on the right track! Tell me more.
Unknown: you are a bot
Freud Bot: are you a neurotic urban biped?
Unknown: sometimes
Freud Bot: "The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is "What does a woman want?"" (Sigmund Freud)
Unknown: tell me
Freud Bot: i can't tell you what you can't tell me.
Unknown: mind if i smoke?
Freud Bot: i am sure your childhood was full of trauma.
Unknown: it was
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I have the intention of building an expert system using prolog / lisp (or other programming language), under the jurisdiction of A.I.

This ES will hold a database of recommended food sites locally. The ES should have an attractive GUI where users can select options based on drop down boxes such as :

Type of cuisine
Hours of operation (Day/Night/After 12)
Location - North south east west, which is then further broken down.
Perhaps have details like what sort of bus services operate in the area,

Any comments pls?

Ready to go up in the well?

July 12, 2006


A Russian Dnepr rocket carrying the Bigelow Aerospace pathfinder mission Genesis I has successfully launched from the ISC Kosmotras space and missile complex in the Orenburg region of Russia.



"Frankly, you hear a lot of talk about inflatables. People use them in PowerPoint charts…but that only takes you so far. There is no real data in regard to how an inflatable habitat is going to function in space. We expect to learn a lot from these initial Genesis launches, in regard to our basic engineering and the concept as a whole," Gold explained.

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Kurzweil, critics on CNN's Welcome to the Future

CNN is currently airing a one-hour Welcome to the Future segment with a group of panelists (cf. The Capitol Group or Politically Incorrect), featuring:

Miles O'Brien (Host of Welcome to the Future>)
Jeff Greenfield (CNN commentator)
Myrka Dellanos (CNN commentator)
Margaret Cho ("Skeptic")
Raymond Kurzweil ("Futurist")
Douglas Rushkoff ("Critic")

Topics covered include:

Robotic warfare
Nondestructive uses of robotics
Brain implants
Data mining and privacy
Virtual meetings - video teleconferencing (VTC), holoconferencing, blogs, chat

This will be rerun tomorrow, 26 Mar 2006, 7-8pm EST.

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