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Artificial Intelligence Community

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Hello and welcome to Tessier Ashpool, the Artificial Intelligence Community!

Please feel free to discuss any topic having to do with Artificial Intelligence/Life or any of the interests on the interests list.
*nix, a.i., adaptation, ai, alan turing, albert einstein, alexander graham bell, algorithms, alife, artificial intelligence, artificial life, artificial neural networks, assembly, augmented reality, automata theory, automated creativity, bayesian networks, beowulf clusters, bill joy, bionics, biotechnology, blade runner, bruce sterling, bsd, chaos theory, cloning, cognitive psychology, cognitive science, complex adaptive systems, complex systems, complexity theory, computer science, computer security, consciousness uploading, cray, cryptography, cyberia, cybernetics, cyberpunk, darpa, data mining, data structures, discrete mathematics, distributed computing, douglas rushkoff, electrical engineering, electronics, emergent behavior, emulation, encryption, evolution, evolutionary computation, extropianism, finite state machines, fractals, freebsd, futurism, fuzzy logic, game theory, genetic algorithms, genetic engineering, genetic programming, grid computing, gödel's incompleteness theorem, hackers, hacking, head mounted displays, human genome, immortality, information theory, information visualization, infornography, intelligent agents, intelligent machines, intelligent systems, isaac asimov, killswitch, learning, linguistics, linux, lisp, logic, machine intelligence, machine learning, mainframes, mathematics, memetics, metaprogramming, mind uploading, moore's law, mutation, nanotechnology, natural language processing, neal stephenson, network security, neural computer interfaces, neural networks, neuromancer, neuropsychology, neuroscience, noam chomsky, parallel computing, pattern matching, pattern recognition, perception, phrack, polymorphism, programming, prolog, quantum computing, quantum mechanics, ray kurzweil, recursion, reverse engineering, robotics, robots, semantics, singularity, skynet, slashdot, space colonization, spiritual machines, steampunk, stephen hawking, strategy, supercomputers, superintelligence, systems theory, technology, teledildonics, terminator, the human genome project, the matrix, the singularity, time series analysis, topy, transhumanism, ubiquitous computing, unix, vernor vinge, virii, virtual environments, virtual reality, voice recognition, voice synthesis, wargames, wearable computers, wearable computing, william gibson, wintermute